Happy Second Anniversary!

Hello Guys: 333 As the title says, today (November 19th) exactly 2 years ago I published the first post ever on this blog!!  Wow I can’t believe how fast time is passing: O it seems like we are just newbies here, still our blog is already 2 years old: D

First of all, i want to thank all the blogs that supported us through those two years. I am really thankful for everything, I love you guys :3  I want to thank especially:

Sylphalchemist, Manga Weekend, Mangafanatic, Emysan83 (Who unfortunately deleted her blog, but i hope you will read this ;_;), Renxkyoko, seriouslylovely, animeandmangalov and last but not least i want to thank Daebak-Paradise for all the support, especially i wanna thank her for creating those wonderful headers, which made our blog look really lovely ;3;

I also want to thank: “Lightning”, who is a very important person for us, because it really seems she likes the stuff we are posting 😀  and , Natthaniaelle , iheartnakajimaforever, hana-chan, l0veena and myasheart who are all followers  of this blog ヽ(^▽^)人(^▽^)人(^▽^)ノ

Of course, I also wanna thank Kayu-chan, who was willing to run this blog with me, exactly two years ago \(TT)/ Thank you so much !!



So what goals have we reached in the past two years? We managed to reach over 100.000 views in LESS THAN A YEAR and now, we’ll soon reach our 200 000 visits!!! 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜) We have also managed to reach more than 1000 views A DAY which is amazing, because our usual visits are less than 400 a day.- Still i am very happy to see that people are actually visiting this blog >.<

Then, I want to thank the top 10 Countries who are visiting our blog the most, here you can see the stats of one quarter (sorry, the option “all time” doesn’t exist anymore >.<)


But also all the other people of every country who are visiting Bikachama <3333

Soooo… I hope you enjoyed this post and i PROMISE, that i will post more stuff today, especially in the evening :3 so stay tuned to



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