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Heeey guys :DD As promised, i still have a post for you here ^___^ Here it is: the manga stuff i’ve read lately :DD I hope you’ll enjoy this ^___^

But warning !! This post might contain spoilers, so only click on Read more, if you don’t care !

Charming Chunkie v. 1-4 :


Naka is an aspiring young model with a problem: her face tenses up into a terrifying spectacle whenever she gets nervous on photo shoots! Naka’s rival is Umi, the hottest model at their agency. But Naka soon discovers Umi’s secret–and hilarity ensues behind the cameras!

From bakaupdates

I’m not sure if i’ve already reviewed this series here on bikachama, but i’ll do it anyway.. Charming junkie is such a lovely series !  it is a gender bender romance with comedy and stuff and really, if you start reading it, you can’t stop !! (unfortunately i had to stop because i only have the first 4 volumes right now XD) Anyway, Naka, I actually didn’t like her in the beginning, because she was a bit annoying , but then i started liking her as volume on went on .. she’s actually very cute :33 and when she’s with Umi, she’s gorgeous… Tho her “smile” is a bit creepy xDD oh and that other photographing guy is a cutie, tho VERY ANNOYING -_-‘ well, i can’t wait to read more of this series, i especially want to know what happens to Naka and Umi !! And for shoujo lovers, i would definitely recommend this manga !!

Code Breaker vol. 14, Code Breaker vol 15

Wow This manga is realllly killing me.. getting better with every volume … now the truth finally comes out.. and there are really shocking things that you would never have even guessed .. AND O M G there were sooo many moments of my OTP (sakura & ogami) THEY ARE SO CUTE UAGKJHASJKAGHSJHGASKJSAGHJKAS i almost died when he protected her in vol 14 i almost cried *___* and there were as well OTP moments in volume 15 .. oh gosh all those feels… i reeeally loved those two volumes but it gets confusing as well because yeah.. you’ll see in the end of volume 15 .. AND .. ANOTHER THING .. I WISH TOKI WOULD COME BACK TO OGAMI’S SIDE. He is suuuch a douche… why is he doing this ??? and yuuki .. ashgajhsgahsa he is becoming more and more adult in every volume and i feel like he has become SMEXIER :3333 AAAAAAH  HOW I LOVE BISHIES ~

Shinrei Tantei Yakumo vol. 6

This manga, after code:breaker is my favourite one that i am following at the moment because both art and story are just beautiful :333 YAKUMO IS BEAUTIFUL XD such a smexy bishie agsgajsasg i just love him.. anyways.. this volume was awesome, like always and there was even an OTP moment and i died *__* the stories are really cool, sad and touching and that is what i love about this manga .. ahhhhh ~ just love it and i can’t get enough !! don’t want it to end, seriously *_*

New Purchase:

  • Conductor (FINALLY ITS OUT)
  • Borrowed: Samurai Drive – heard good things of this manga, plus BISHIES, lets see how good it is 😀

One thought on “Manga Stuff~

  1. I started reading Charming Junkie, but for some reason, I dropped it. Well, I think I know….. The updates are so slow, I forget about the story, and lose my enthusiasm for the manga.

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