About B-chan & Kayu-chan :O

Name & other Nicknames:  B-chan, (carrot Princess xD), Mal,Mrs Kirk, Sexy Unicorn (xDD), Sexy Charisma (xD), Maknae

Age: 17 ! WOOHO XD

Birthday: 1st July – Muahahaha 😀

Zodiac Sign: Crab

Hair & eye colour: Brown (both . lol xD)

Biased with : Why are u asking ?? .. Of course .. PARK JUNG MIN !!!!!

Things I totally love : My family, My friends .  Manga, Anime, BISHIES, My converse, My vans .. everything which is related to asia . xD Bosnian chocolate & sweets :3333.. Korean food *drools*, Real coca cola, my leopard socks xD My zebra socks .. My Japanese necklace, Kayuchans stupid laughter xDD..  Pina Colada, PARK JUNG MIIIIIIIN >_> and all my cute ss501 boys .. Come back as 5 or i’ll come to korea & punch you in your cute faces . xDD When kayu chan talks about senseless shit xDD. My random friend & her cosplay guys .. xD When I can make fun of gackt (the old fart xDD) ..  When i can be together with my friends (: .. when  my Triple s care a lot for me & help me 😀 😀 TWITTER… Wang Zi xDD . aaand I love America .. :DDD and , I really love my Toothbrush xDDDD KAMEEEEEE *_* Kat-tun, my japanese guys XDD

How I am/How I live my life:

I am . a very clumsy girl . xDD and my biggest fear is : Insects . xDD . I hate those disgusting things.. I am a game freak and i nearly know everything . XD i love to make friends , but I’m very very shy .. XDD . yeah . and I always hurt myself cause i’m soo clumsy . xPP

What I always wanted to say: Heey guys I love you aaall *throws flowers into the air* xDD

Name & other Nicknames:  Kayu-chan (nickname: Fat guy T_T B-chans idea)

Age: 17 (:D 😀 still young)

Birthday: 12th July – 😀 😀

Zodiac Sign: Crab

Hair & eye colour: Dark Brown (but everyone thinks that I have black hair…)

Biased with : *muhahahahaha* of course Kim Hyun Joong <33333333333333333333333333

Things I totally love :  My Korean mother ^^,  stupid B-chan, my other random friends, of course Kim Hyun Joong <333 and SS501 <3333 (or SS591 😀 😀 remember B-chan), chewing gum O.O, Chocolate O.O, Milk Shake, Smoothie’s, my black converse, my coach shoes, C.N.BLUE, Lee Min Ho <33333333333333333, Manga, Anime, Kaname Kuran (go die Yuuki!!!!!!!!!), Maid Sama o.o, fangirl modus with B-chan, PEPERO 😀 :D, Korean Food, SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSHI 😀 :D, Supernatural <3333 (Dean marry me :O), Shinee, the twins of boyfriend (oh my gosh they are soooo cute!!!!!!), BEAST (Oh man I could kidnap them :O)…

How I am/How I live my life:

I couldn’t live without K-Pop O.O, I’m a little bit clumsy and I hate Snakes… I really hate them… If I see them I’m going to scream and some other things…

What I always wanted to say: Well, B-chan you stink XD XD XD XD XD  (love ya. :D), guys I love you (if you are checking out our blog ;)… KIM HYUN JOONG MARRY ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and the other Triple S)


11 thoughts on “About B-chan & Kayu-chan :O

  1. Hey cuties, I just wanted to hint you guys to a little mistake you made.
    You wrote that your zodiac sign is cancer but actuelly you mean “Crab”.
    Cancer is the illness not the animal! ^-^
    I like your profiles.
    You seem to be nice and cute persons! ^-^

      • I think I will like your blog since we seem to have some things in common! ^-^
        I mean KPop, JPop, Drama what do I want more!! *-*

    • helloooooo lina-chan ^.^ thank u soooo much for those comments.. im glad u are our fan (: hope u will check our blog more often hehe x33 well, wir sind aus österreich aber nja is doch egal ^.^

      xoxo B-chan

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