Blogroll ~

Our Blogging Partners ♥:

  • Manga Weekend : Blog About Manga & anime, you can find a lot of interesting stuff here you should check that blog out ^__^~
  • Mangafanatic Girl from Belgium. She posts about Manga, Anime, Cosplay, as well as Drama and Music ^__^
  • Maousama She Posts about Manga, as well about Music, especially Korean Pop ~
  • Myonewworld This here is a blog about Kpop fanfics. Unfortunately the original language is indonesian, but you can translate it into your language ^^
  • Rail Tracing Anime Blog As the title says, a blog about Anime & manga xD
  • Transientdream Blogger who blogs about manga, anime and also other stuff ~
  • Sylphalchemist Blogs about a lot of manga-related stuff. She also posts Japanese Magazines so i would really recommend you to check this blog out ^^ .. Oh and don’t forget to read her weekly/monthly WTF Search Terms Post .. It is REALLY hilarious :’D

5 thoughts on “Blogroll ~

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  2. I absolutely LOVE your page! I’ve never been much of a blog fan, but I think you’ve changed my mind. You now have another loyal follower! Keep up the great work! 🙂

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