Mirai Nikki – Future Diary

Hey guys 😀 how are you doing ? I hope fine 😀 well i have a little bit of time now to present you an anime i have watched and finished lately 😀 it’s called Mirai Nikki (Future Diary)

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aaaaish. back T_T

omgosh guys e_e I’m back after one week… the back flight was horrible .. all in all it took us 14 hours to come back T_T well. should do some things here. since kayus very busy… ^_^

Bought The naruto Shippuuden Movie when I was gone .. and it was soo freaking cheap. I just had to take it.. hehe and bought the first vol. of zombie loan.. freakin like it becauze its peach-pit (: btw.. wanna review the Naruto  movie.. cuz thats what i never did.. review an Anime Movie ^_^. btw . on the right u can see The cover of zombie loan.. nice, isnt it ?? ^_^ wasnt really cheap.. but i cant get this manga in my country so its kinda worth it…  and since they had only Naruto, bleach, Vampire knight and Chibi Vampire, and it was the only volume left, I took it xD

Good, now to the review . ^_^

Warning . Spoiler.dun read it if u dun wanna know .


Naruto is dead !?

A powerful spirit that once threatened to destroy the world is back ! Naruto’s mission is to protect a priestress named Shion, who is the only one with the power to seal away the monster. She also has the uncanny ability to predict someone’s fate. Her latest prediction: Naruto will soon die Naruto’s only hope is to abandon Shion, but that’s not Naruto’s style (true xDD) . He decides to face her fatal prediction head-on and die !


Now I’m actually speaking of ALL the Naruto Shippuuden Movies.. I like them waaay better than the Naruto Movies.. Its probably because I really like Naruto more.. He just grew up so fast and he has such a big heart .. i just love him like that .. I also have to say that the stories of the Shippuuden Movies are AMAZING, well of the normal movies too but they are just better ^_^ Even if this Shion is sometimes very annoying I even like her . XP . and theres one moment where naruto has his sexy-moment xDD and he hardly ever has that xDD I would really recommend everyone whos already at shippuuden to watch the movies ^_^

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SS501 !

Jeongminnie is currently in Taiwan to film a drama… So excited.. the only thing which makes me sad is that he probably wont attend baby’s birthday party. :(( since his schedule will be very busy.. btw .. isnt he handsome ? XDD graah . now im really proud to have converse . xDD weell..  august the 3rd will be a very special day cuz its the bday of Maknae Hyung Jun ;D whaa . so excited and happy for him . ~

Next thing . there was a rumor goin around that ss501 will come back in december.. sorry to say that .. but it’s fake, unfortunately, :(( cuz this radio show doesnt even exist :(( . BUT . a I will post a positive thing here :

-Today, there were fans who asked Kim Hyung Jun about 5 members’ reunion… Kim Hyung Jun said: “Please look forward to next year”-

Pleease to all the Triple s .. trust him ~ I know he says the truth and I will also believe in it .. like so many triple s believe in them hehe ~~

well, there would actually be so many things i could post… like this song of the day..

really love the song .. ~ hehe xD .. but now I should really stop .. see ya at my next post ;DD

Black Rock Shooter – ブラック★ロックシュータ

heey guuys :3 We’re finally back from our big Hiatus . I’m soo sorry T__T but I promise. we’ll post more stuff in the next time 😀 😀 okay first of all I wanna review an OVA I watched some time ago with my random friend .. it’s called black rock shooter.. It’s related to Vocaloid’s Miku Hatsune (Die !!-.-) because there’s one song called Black rock shooter and I think it tells the story of the Ova but I’m not sure ;P

Okay basically, The Ova is about two girls, Mato & yomi, who are in the same High school and quickly become good friends ..Because one of the girls (mato) is in the basketball club, the other girl(yomi) joins the volleyball club, which is at the same time .. but soon, the one girl forgets about the other and just hangs around with her basketball club.. So yomi gets missing and mato gets depressed..

Lol I won’t tell you more, you’ll have to watch it yourself .. I actually liked this ova a lot.. even if i was like “WUUUUUT ? O_O” in the first 20 minutes .. but I finally began to understand .. 😀 i really liked the style and everything .. the only thing I dun like is .. MIKU . -.- I really don’t know what’s soo special about a lame synthesizer voice ? .. whatever .. here’s also the black rock shooter song .. by a real person … who’s got REAL talent xD


Akane Iro-Ni Somaru Saka

hello guys :3 How are you ?? I hope fine 😀 😀 We had soo much to do the last weeks and we still have no life beside school XD but at least I can give you one review today .. and it will be an anime review… The first ever xD


Akane Iro-Ni Somaru Saka


The Main character is Jun’ichi Nagase. One day, near his school, he helps a girl named Yuuhi Katagiri from trouble. She later transfers to his school, and in order to protect Yuuhi from danger, Jun’ichi kisses her. Totally confused aboutwhat happened, she starts screaming  at him. Unfortunately, Yuuhi is his fiancé as arranged by their parents. And the worst thing is also, Yuuhi moves into the house, where Jun’ichi lives together with his sister Minato. But their relationship is still very bad… Will they somehow be able to live together or will the engagement be canceled ?

The three main characters:


Well, Junichi is a very cute character, he’s very handsome and I liked him a lot.. I only started this anime because of him xD But yeah, sometimes I could punch him in his face because he just doesn’t get anything and he doesn’t understand women’s feelings e__e


Minato is Junichi’s sister and she lives together with him in a house since their parents aren’t at home .. She’s soo cute and always cares for her brother and she’s also very nice to Yuuhi .. Minato is one of those typical shy characters with big boobs and a short skirt . XD


Seriously, I could kill this girl -.- she’s one of those typical anime girl who have too  small boobs and are too noisy -.- She is sooooo annoying, I’m serious, only because this guy kisses her one time she immediately freaks out. One of the most annoying anime characters ever – Worse than Louise from Zero No Tsukaima -_-

All in all ?

Yes, I quite liked this anime, but some parts were actually very boring & confusing… There were some scenes I didn’t understand at all … But what I liked the most was the ending .. I mean (.. SPOILER !!!) It’s a little strange that Junichi ends up with his sister, but at least he didn’t end up with the noisy girl -.- and, I guess Minato wasn’t his real sister, because in the end there was a scene where the parents were in this jet and they talked to each other. and the father said “We should have told minato that she’s …. ” I guess he wanted to say “Not our real daughter” … (SPOILER END) Soo.. yees it was a pretty cool anime but it was more shojo or seinen so if you like that, you should watch it ^__^