Hello there !

i don’t even know if there are still people out there who are following this blog.

Anyway there is something that kayu-chan and i would like to announce.

it’s probably not really surprising since we haven’t been active for ages but,

We are closing down this blog.

We are not going to delete it I think, but we are definitely not coming back. It’s sad because we had so much fun during that time but both of us realized that we pretty much gretw out of this (not completely) and we are way too busy with university to keep up with a blog. It was also really nice to know all of our blog partners and thank you so much for the support, we love you all ❀ we still do have our twitter accounts so if you like, you can follow us.

And with this, I would like to say good bye. ❀


Mirai Nikki – Future Diary

Hey guys πŸ˜€ how are you doing ? I hope fine πŸ˜€ well i have a little bit of time now to present you an anime i have watched and finished lately πŸ˜€ it’s called Mirai Nikki (Future Diary)

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Manga Stuff~

Heeey guys :DD As promised, i still have a post for you here ^___^ Here it is: the manga stuff i’ve read lately :DD I hope you’ll enjoy this ^___^

But warning !! This post might contain spoilers, so only click on Read more, if you don’t care !

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A storm gathers !!

O M G ! Hey guuys πŸ˜€ Hope we have some final fantasy fans out there ?

Apparently square enix has FINALLY opened a site regarding a sequel to Final fantasy 13-2
I won’t spoiler you , but the people know about the ending of ff 13-2 will be happy to see this :

We will get more information on September the first .. dfhgfdhgfdghfd can’t wait
The square enix team will present it to us on the 25th anniversary event πŸ˜€ so stay tuned πŸ˜€

Ongoing & finished Manga stuff

Heya guys :DD As i told you in my asuka post, i am going to talk about the mangas i’m currently reading .. there is even one I finished .. but i warn you .. this will contain big spoilers so read at your own risk !!

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