Mirai Nikki – Future Diary

Hey guys 😀 how are you doing ? I hope fine 😀 well i have a little bit of time now to present you an anime i have watched and finished lately 😀 it’s called Mirai Nikki (Future Diary)

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Ongoing & finished Manga stuff

Heya guys :DD As i told you in my asuka post, i am going to talk about the mangas i’m currently reading .. there is even one I finished .. but i warn you .. this will contain big spoilers so read at your own risk !!

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Manga Opinions

Hello everyone !! It’s time to show you what i’m currently reading 8DD i got some new mangas and also bought some :DD But warning .. this might contain spoilers.. so be careful XD Let’s start, ok ? Continue reading

Currently Watching

Hey guys !! I got totally Drama addicted, and that’s why i’m gonna show u which dramas i’m watching right now !

But i’m warning u !! this could contain spoilers, if you wanna continue reading, please click on “read more “.. ^^

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