Hello there !

i don’t even know if there are still people out there who are following this blog.

Anyway there is something that kayu-chan and i would like to announce.

it’s probably not really surprising since we haven’t been active for ages but,

We are closing down this blog.

We are not going to delete it I think, but we are definitely not coming back. It’s sad because we had so much fun during that time but both of us realized that we pretty much gretw out of this (not completely) and we are way too busy with university to keep up with a blog. It was also really nice to know all of our blog partners and thank you so much for the support, we love you all ❤ we still do have our twitter accounts so if you like, you can follow us.

And with this, I would like to say good bye. ❤


Well, seems like the links of my other post don’t work anymore… I think it’ ll be a lot easier if I just put the pictures in ^^ GUYS REMEMBER IT’S ONLY RAW



Black Bird Chapter 52 Opinion

Well, I decided to make a chapter opinion of Black Bird!

The last chapter ended with an attack from Shou, which was aimed for Misao and Kyou went between it and a seperated arm fell on the ground! Chapter 52 starts from this moment. Everyone is crying and nobody can see Kyou, so they think that’s Kyou’s arm. So the situation is really messed up. But Misao is sure that it isn’t Kyou’s arm, because she knows the arm of the one she loves. Then suddenly Kyou appears with his father and you can see that the father has no right arm anymore. Everyone is startled, even Shou. Father goes to Shou and tells him how much he actually loves him, but Shou shows no mercy and pushes him away. The battle between Kyou and Shou starts again.


Well, the next chapter will be the showdown between Kyou and Shou and I’m really looking forward to it! This chapter makes sure that all actions of Shou were made because of Misao. He made himself look like a traitor to win Misao’s heart, but Kyou of course wouldn’t let him do that. One of the moments, which made my heart jump like crazy was, when Kyou said “Misao is mine!’. Shou is somehow really stupid, because he could have done it right from the start. It’s because he isn’t used to fight for something that he doesn’t know how to do it right e_e… Well, the triangle will end in the next chapter T_T…

Boku wa Ookami

Well, “Boku wa Ookami” was completed and I can finally do a review :D! “Boku wa Ookami” is a typical shoujo manga and has about 17 chapters.


Rina hates perverted guys. That’s why she refuses to date guys (especially Keita). But then Rina gets a new classmate who is completely different from the other guys. He was raised by a wolf and he acts like a wolf. Is this the beginning of a new love?

OPINION (spoilers included)

When I began to read the manga, I thought that the female main character is so annoying . But that’s probably one of the reasons why the story is so attractive. The male main character has a special past. When he was little, he and his father went to a zoo and a wolf kidnapped him. Since then he has an attitude that is more wolf-like. But this kind of attitude attracts Rina and she gets closer to him. Ookami and Rina are spending a lot of time together, which is for Keita really annoying, because he is in love with Rina. So, a triangle is also included :3! Every character is special in his own way that’s why I love this story so much :D!

The first thought about the art that came into my mind was that the manga has a really good art work. The art reminds me a lot of Shiraishi Yuuki.


Vampire Knight Chapter 81 Review

Hello everyone!

Seems like the scanlation group of vampire knight is lately really fast  in scanlating :3… Good for us :D!


First of all, let’s talk about the cover. “He watched them go away. They were all dead… ” Obviously it’s referring to Zero. After Ichiru died,  after Yuuki became a pureblood and after Kaname took her away, Zero has been a mess.

It seems like Zero and Sara made a promise with each other. Since Zero wants to kill Kaname that badly, he is willing to do whatever it takes. Really annoying is that Sara bewitched Takuma. Shiki is so cute :3 and is trying to help Takuma, but it won’t help since Sara is a pureblood. Kaito is having problems with the servant of the other dead pureblood.

Finally, let’s come to the scene when Kaname and Yuuki are finally meeting again. This scene is so heartbreaking T_T. Yuuki is telling Kaname  if he wants to give up on her, he has to kill her or she is going to kill him. After that Yuuki is attacking Kaname. Kaname is dodging her attack and Yuuki is getting injured on her cheek.

 Yuuki is about to do another attack to finish Kaname, but then he suddenly touches her injured cheek and she stops.


Finally Kaname is revealing the reason why he wants to kill all purebloods, it was “her” wish (guys, you remember when Kaname showed Yuuki the memory of the woman in the past). Yuuki is about doing her final move to kill Kaname, but then he disappears. Ruka seized the moment when Yuuki hesitated and they left her alone with a painful illusion.

Meanwhile Zero is taking Sara under his protection, but the other hunters are not willing to protect Sara. They all want Kaname and Sara to have a battle and both of them to die. Zero is not listening to them and suddenly he bites Sara’s neck.

Kaname is reaching the place where Zero and the others are hiding. Ruka is apologizing for leaving Yuuki with a painful illusion.  Kaname kisses his fingers which are full of Yuuki’s blood and is saying that Ruka mustn’t apologize and he has to thank her. Kaname is standing right in the front of the door where Zero and the other are and realizes that Sara gave Zero her blood and the chapter ends.