Happy Second Anniversary!

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Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge

Hello guys . (: B-chan here !! I know right now we’re not posting much since school is slowing us down a LOT .. >_< BUT …. now i got a japanese drama review for u .. ^^ It’s the first japanese drama i’ve ever watched til now and it’s called “yamato nadeshiko Shichi Henge” and it’s a live adaption drama ..  here on the left side u can see how the manga/anime looks like ^^

You guys wanna know what i thought about the drama ? Then go on reading ;D

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Minnie’s Song, Happy Independence Day Indonesia, and Random Stuff

Hey guys .=D Park jung min has released a new song called “Missing you” and it’s from a Drama’s ost . im too lazy to look up the name, sorry xD

Another Thing,

I heard from my Indonesian Triple S friends, that the Independence Day of Indonesia is today so ..


kekeke xD Happy for you Guys =DDD  Celebrate this day, Its special ^^

Good . then here’s another thing to tell you.Since Kim Kyu Jong is debuting soon, Mrs Kim aka Mangafanatic are preparing a nice thing (it’s really nice, ask her xDD) . I hope we can do it in time so it will be fun =D TS out there, be prepared =DDD

WARNING : SPOILER . If youre currently playing Ar Tonelico, Stop right here

Oh yeeah . i Finished Ar Tonelico and I have to say.. I’m glad about the Ending I got . You know . There are so many Endings and I got  the “Finnel Normal Ending”.. and i’m glad I chose to protect Finnel, she was way stronger than Saki, and she was kinda likeable in the end ^^ . soo .. I’m glad Saki died xDD At first I had the bad ending, that means that both Saki & Finnel disappeared and Aoto went on on his journey with Cocona (Tatsumi . grrr -.-) and Hikari Gojo.. Maaan it sucked xDD Good thing I didn’t save the game after the credits . or i would’ve done the biggest mistake ever .. but I mean . aren’t they cute together ?

I’m really glad I did this and i reeeally liked the game . even if Mr. Tatsumi aka Cocona broke my heart xDD


and here is a song of the day for you ;D

Random Stuff about my chat bestie . xD

Tz tz tz Hey hey hey guys . Since Mrs Kim Aka Mangafanatic did a random post about me .. i’m doin the same for her .. you know . since i started here she got my chat bestie . she’s awesome .xD but she always leaves me for taking a KHJ or smth like that xD or for paris .. tztz T__T well here it comes .. random facts  xD

  • Her Name is Mrs Kim.. Cuz her hubbies are KIM hyun joong and KIM Hyung Jun
  • Two other nicknames for her : Dog, Shortie (XDDD)
  • We both share Heo Young saeng as our hubby . xD
  • Oh yeah, this girl is a true and proud Triple s, since we got to know each other, I infected her with the 501 virus more than she already was ..
  • She gets emotional when i am emotional xDD
  • She Likes the manga called “Oborero bla bla bla” =P
  • She thinks she’s ugly but she isn’t x3
  • She laughs at me cuz she thinks i love a GIRL . xD
  • We always talk about perverted thinks . so we also created the “Top 10 pervy dance moves” post xD
  • Her German is freaking cute .. >___<
  • uuhm . she is CRZAAAY xD
  • She likes to take KHJ’s . ;; xD


I think that’s it ? ;D hope you have fun readin it ?XD

Currently Playing …

Hey Guys.. =)) Time for a game review… =P well not really review cuz i just started..

so here it is xD

Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel

Okay im reeeally too lazy to tell u bout the plot, just surpise urselves but what i can show to you is the freaking amazing opening by Akiko Shikata  . i love this woman xDD

soo what do i think about this game ?

Well this game is actually very nice, I like the story (At least it has one, not like atelier rorona, sorry xDD) I like the characters, especially Tatsumi, bcuz there seems to be a weird secret about him which i didnt found out about yet xD he has a freaking hot english voice btw xDD I also love this one girl, her name is saki.. shes a little weird but at least shes not such an annoying crybaby like Finnel .. I cant stand this girl.. only in battle xD oooh and the game is kinda… well i’ll come to this when i talk about the Battle system xD

The Battle System ?

The battle system is veery nice .. its a star ocean-like battle system combined with smth which has to do with music and the reyvateil (please dont ask me xD just play the game xD) .. the weirdest thing is .. the game is appropriate for 12-year olds.. but HELL.. this game is like sooo perverted.xD It would be something for Mangafanatic .. *smirks* .. you know .. the most important thing is, that you have to strip the reyvateils .. the more skin they show, the stronger they are O_O .. and all in all.. the game itself is veeeeeery pervy .. so mangafanatic ? if u read this . ? its for a lil perv like u xDD

Sooo .. I would really reccomend you to play this if you ..

  1. Have A PS3 and you dunno what to play cuz there are not so many good games
  2. Love anime graphics
  3. Loved atelier rorona and the mana khemia stuff
  4. are … pervs xD or dont have anything against pervy stuff xD

This was my post.. hope ur gonna like it ~ =D

Top 10 Perverted dance moves ;D

Hello guys . (; Hope ur all good xD Today, there will be a special post, and let’s say hi to Mangafanatic once again, who i discussed this post with long time ago and now we’re finally doing it . xDD Since we’re both totally into Kpop, we know many different Music videos, including dances.. and we noticed .. that there are a looooot of perverts out there xDD so we decided to put all this into one Blog post.. so let me introduce . *dum dum duuum*

The Top 10 Perverted Kpop dance moves

Number 10

Kara – Mister

B-chan: See the beginning ? kinda pervy dont u think ? xDD
mangafanatic: yeah VERY perverted! *smirk xDDDD*

Number 9

5Dolls – Like this Or that

B-chan: I dunno why . but look at 0:52.. The moves seems to be pervy . XD but not only the move.. but everything about the vid seems pervy to me.. dunno why . xD mabye i’m just crzay xDD

Mangafanatic: O.o no comment, B-chan…

Number 8

Kim Hyun Joong – Please be nice to me

B-chan: You see the part where this woman is grabbing his leg ?? xD e_e perv.. !!

Mangafanatic: when i was watching my DVD (yes i’ve got the Concert DVD *smirk*) i was like: “you woman, don’t TOUCH my HUBBY!!!!” but this vid is not the japanese version, it’s the korean version

Number 7

2pm – I’ll be back

Mangafanatic: ok since i’m the one that suggested this one xDDD in the vid, go to 0: 28 see?

Ok Taecyeon rraawr you leg fettish person *smirk*

Number 6

2pm – I’ll be back

Mangafanatic: ok since i’m the one that suggested this one xDDD in the vid, go to 0: 17 see?

OK TAECYEON! you again! where are you touching O.o one butt is not enough, but 2?! ChangSung and Nickhun be prepared, cos he’s a BEAST!

Number 5

SS501 – A song calling for you

B-chan: aah, our boys.. xDD the pervy thing bout this dance is when they’re clapping their butts.. xD but its .. nice . XDD

Mangafanatic: clap clap clap!!! we want more, we want more xDDDD

Number 4

Brown eyed girls – Abracadabra

Mangafanatic: PERVERTED dance, you know in the end xDDD i tell you, PERVERTED!

B-chan: well, since the whole vid is perverted.. xDD but this one move is kinda.. veeery pervy xDD

Number 3

MBLAQ – Mona lisa

Mangafanatic: MBLAQ i never thought you guys would do this in public xDDDD

B-chan: Well. in the beginning, they’re all touching their thing . so yeah.. what else should I say.. they are perverts xDD

Number 2

SS501 – Love ya

B-chan: Well, our boys are such perverts xDD Love ya has on special pervy move in it.. and so we both agreed that it should be on second place xD

Mangafanatic: well B-chan i think we’ve fallen for their Pervertedness xDDDD

and … number one . *dum dum duum*

Kim Hyun Joong – Break Down

Mangafanatic: DUM DUM DUUUUUUUUM! KHJ, you know why i’ve fallen for you *smirk*? cos of your Killer Smile *bloodloss*, Exagerating, Giraffe Hat and most of them your PERVERTEDNESSS~~~~ i’ll meet you later in my dreams <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

B-chan: lmao.. xDD You’re such a freakin fangirly you know that ? XDD so . about the vid. : Leader, leader tztzztt .. XD You’re soooo damn perverted.. never knew that you were like that, I knew that all 5 were pervies.. but not that you are the most pervy perv xD Btw. You’re sexy as hell *tries to steal him from mangafanatic* xDD

Mangafanatic: i know i’m a CRZAY FANGIRL xDDDD omg B-chan you STAY AWAY FROM MY HUBBY or i’ll STEAL PJM *smirk* it was my crush once  *hohoho*

P.S. we love these artists, this is only for fun! but if there are complains you can contact B-chan or Kayu-chan and not Mangafanatic, since she’s only a CAMEO here :p

signed Mangafanatic xDDD

haha . xD that was our special post and i hope u guys liked it ;DD . well.. btw. you can also blame Mangafanatic.. you dont know how pervy she is xDD when i told her bout my idea she immediately agreed .. PERV XDD.

Bye bye

B.chan :3

생일축하해요 カユちゃん!!!

Well today we’re all here for the birthday of Kayu-chan and also the marriage of Kayu-chan and …WAIT, WHAT?! O.o what happened?!

Well let’s explain what happened, shall we b-chan ^^
*flashback of what happened*

12 July, Morning 8 A.M.

Kayu-chan wakes up.

She opens her eyes and stares at her SS501 poster…


*downstairs noise*

She got curious and goes down to see what happened…

She screamed (luckily no one was at home so no one heard her screaming xD) cos who were there in her kitchen… yup that’s right 😉 it’s SS501 making cakes (2, to be exactly) xD and they just finished making them!!!

see, how pretty the cakes are ^^


In the kitchen

B-chan and Mangafanatic came in scene (or kitchen xD)

B-chan and Mangafanatic: “Kayu-chan, look SS501 specially came together to celebrate your birthday, isn’t that sweet~~”

SS501 sings “happy birthday” for Kayu-chan ^^

Aside ss501, Mangafanatic  sings too

All of the boys  and girls: “woohoo ~ Happy birthday!!! *clapping hands*”

Kim Hyun Joong: “Happy birthday from your future husband ~ soo happy for you ^_^”

KyuJong, Young Saeng, Baby & Jung Min: “WHAT??? Future husband? O.o”

Kyu Jong: “Future husband? Are you okay? She’s Mrs Future Kim Kyu Jong…”

Young Saeng: “uuhm. Sorry? What are you both talking about?? She will definitely marry ME!!”

Hyung Jun: “Boys, stop, you don’t have to fight… Cause I AM her future husband anyway. No chance. ^^”

Jung Min: “Wait… Did you forget someone?? Sexy charisma, Park Jung Min, belongs to her forever!”

*All 5 boys are fighting over Kayu-chan*

SS501: *shouting & fighting*

B-chan (who has a veeery low voice xD): uuhm …boys?

SS501: *can’t hear what b-chan says & still keep on fighting over poor Kayu-chan who already fainted because of them*

Mangafanatic: GUYS!! STOP IT…

*The boys are quiet for 5 seconds, then start fighting again*

YS: Well, why won’t we do a competition? The one who impresses Kayu-chan the most will marry her!
KJ & HJ: Sure, Im in!

Hyung Jun: Me too!

PJM: Me too. I’ll win anyway *evil laughter*

Mangafanatic (suddenly looking like a professional TV host): So, who wants to start?  Kyu Jong, Hyun Joong, Hyung Jun, Young Saeng or Jung Min?

*everyone shouts at the same time*

Mangafanatic: oh great T_T it won’t work like that. weeell.. let’s do it different … The first one will be the youngest one, Hyung Jun, and then it will continue with the one who’s older… and the last one will be Hyun Joong.

Hyung Jun: Alright I’ll start!

Hyung Jun:  Do you think i’m cuuute?

Hyung Jun: Whoops – that was the wind (xD)

Hyung Jun: And now especially for you Kayu-chan… a special performance for you!!

*awesome performance the three girls start screaming around and Mangafanatic faints (xD) but then unfortunately the other boys start to bully him*

Kyu Jong: that wasn’t good enough *muahaha*

Jung Min: Yeah, you’ll never gonna win *muahaha* I’ll win

Kyu Jong: Yeah ri… WHAT? NO you’re not!!

*The boys start fighting again*

B-chan (lower voice than a mouse): Hello? stop it!!!!

*Still keep on fighting*

Mangafanatic: STOP IT GUYS, please, let’s continue with… uuhm. Right. Jung Min, the second youngest… Also called sexy charisma.

*b-chan screams: YAAAAAAAAAY. But nobody can hear it because of her low voice*

PJM: Okay .Let’s do this!!  Gonna show you why i’m called sexy Charisma. *muahah*

*continues with a sexy dance *

PJM: Okay now i’m gonna perform my solo song, only for you my dear ~ *killer smile*

PJM : phew.. a good performance, huh ? Don’t you think it’s a little warm in here ? I think I’ll have to take off the shirt

*Bchan – already lying on the ground, Mangafanatic feeling dizzy because of a bloodloss, and poor Kayu-chan, already dead from Hyung Jun’s performance, now in a bad condition*

Mangafanatic (tries not to collapse) : Ok…… Now it’s your turn Kyu Jong .. !!

*kyu Jong already doing a sexy expression *

*doing a dance from the musical goong, aah sexy >_>*

*What? That’s it?.. Wait no.. Kyu Jong’s gonna perform also a solo song.. *

KJ: So . pleease take me as your husband kayu-chan *he somehow got shirtless*

Mangafanatic: Kayu chan . you’re so pale.. Are you really ok ??..

*kayu-chan doesn’t even listen to her anymore, B-chan just woke up after she fainted and nearly fainted again then*

HYS: Now.. I’ll continue. !! Young saeng, the shy prince, will win kayu-chan’s heart, definitely !! *doing a sexy move*

YS: I’m gonna sing for you and you’ll definitely like it ~

YS: You think i’m already finished ?? No !! I’ll do a powerful performance of my solo song !!

During The performance YS kills the girls with this :

Mangafanatic: Okay.. That was an amazing performance ….*tries not to scream >_<* Well, last but not least .. it’s your turn Kim Hyun joong .. !!!!


Mangafanatic: Hyun Joong oppa? .. heey sleepyhead  !!! are you sleeping ??? *kisses on his sheek* (kyaaaaaaaa~~~)

*Jung Min hits him . He won’t wake up .. after 5 minutes hitting him, he finally wakes up*

KHJ: *waking up* – yawns- What’s wrong ??

KHJ: Oh right.. I’m sorry!!! I’ll do my best to impress Kayu-chan. !!

Mangafanatic: So what will you do to win her heart ?? (please don’t win her heart >_<)

KHJ ..*quiet* ………

*all the girls are speechless and don’t even care that it was just his killer smile and not any performance*

– Noooow the Competition is over and Kayu chan has time to decide who’ll be her hubby !!! –

Later everyone enjoys the 2 cakes that the SS501 boys made ^^

(mangafanatic was around and took some pics of the boys xD)

Jung Min even blows on his cakes, so his tung won’t be burnt xD

He was like this looking at B-chan xDI bet he has his eyes set on B-chan, cos her charms are the opposite of Jung Min ^^

Isn’t he cute??? x3

Kyu Jong is eating cake, he was surprised that I took a pic of him while eatig cake xD

He later said to me that the cake was yummy xD

I bet there were people on this world that wished they were that cake xD

The prince of SS501 or Young Saeng was also surprised of the pic I took.

well he’s still eating like a Prince, sooo elegant  xD

Well yeah our FUTURE HUSBAND for Kayu-chan xD They make a cute couple x3

Baby or My Soul Mate aka Hyung Jun xD

He’s soo cute he knows when I’m gonna take a pic and was already posing xD

so that I could take a pic of him isn’t he CUTEEEEE x333

Well he enjoyed his cake ^^

It’s the same thing with my Hubby xD

He also can feel when I’m gonna take a pic of him xDDD

He’s such a Killer xD

Cuz you’re a Cheater, a Liar and a Killer~~~

Everyone had fun today, but who’s the mysterious Groom of Kayu-chan ???

Well honestly we don’t know it either xD

It’s all up to Kayu-chan

Select the best performance of the SS501 boys and not the looks xD BE HONEST don’t choose KHJ or Baby or PJM or KKJ  xD you know who to choose right xD

This Post is created by B-chan(mrs kirk xD)  And Mangafanatic (Mrs Kim xD).. we both put in a lot of effort.. And I really wanted to tell you Mrs Kim.. that I’m so thankful cause you really helped me a lot and i mean u even did a video that is  super duper awesome 😀 😀 Soo glad that we exchanged links back then hehe =D without you this post wouldn’t be as awesome as it is now 😀 😀

aand agaain. Happy birthday Kayu-chan 😀 😀 I really hope you’re gonna enjoy your day =DD it will be your big day so go on and smile =DDD (and don’t forget to choose xPPP )