A storm gathers !!

O M G ! Hey guuys 😀 Hope we have some final fantasy fans out there ?

Apparently square enix has FINALLY opened a site regarding a sequel to Final fantasy 13-2
I won’t spoiler you , but the people know about the ending of ff 13-2 will be happy to see this :

We will get more information on September the first .. dfhgfdhgfdghfd can’t wait
The square enix team will present it to us on the 25th anniversary event 😀 so stay tuned 😀


Sugar Soldier RAW chapters

Hello everybody :DDD Have u checked out Mayu Sakai’s newest manga called “Sugar Soldier” ? ^^ What do you think ? 😀 I personally LOVE it :DD well well guys, if you have read the first 3 chapters, this post might be interesting for you cause i found the raw chapters 4-6 .. Maybe you wanna check them out ^_^

Credits:,, Thanks to the uploader who was willing to scan all tese awesome chapters for us :DD

NEW DESIGN !!!!!!!


After a lot of time passed since I announced this, it finally happened :DD


WOOOP WOOP !!! :DD What do you think ?? I personally LOOOVE this !!!! Don’t wonder, we’ve got many different headers, that is because we are posting more than just anime & manga .. I hope u guys like it too >___<

I love those headers, you too ? They are created by one important friend (NO not the random friend) who sacrificed her time to make all those amazing Headers for us . I wanna say thank you :33 .. I am proud of your work and I hope you are actually proud of yourself as well ..

And srsly. You should hire her if u wanna have any header, background or avatar, because she’s the best for this :33 Just contact me if u wanna contact her hahaha xDD



Hey guys 😀

We finally have new headers :3… We love them and what do you think ^^?

Soo…. a friend of us made those headers and she made them awesome :DDD…

So if you need headers, you should hire her ^^… She’s awesome :DDDD



New Stuff !!!

Hello Hello guuys :DDD . What’s up ?? I just wanted to announce two things i am really proud of :DDDD

Okay well:

First thing .. Our Blog has reached about 111 000 visits after a year of bikachama .. :DD yeeeah i am so so happy and proud of this blog and I also wanna thank all the visitors and also my blogging Partners.. You’ve helped me a lot and i just wanna say .. Thank you ;_; ARIGATOUU !! Arigatou Gozaimasu !!!!

Second Thing .. We’ve decided to change Theme & header of our blog again .. so in the next few days .. there will be a big change here so don’t wonder .. :DDD I hope you will like our new design .. We’ve discussed it for a very long time, and for the headers: a very nice and important friend is doing this for us so I really wanna say Thank you Very MUCH !! Kamsahamnida !! Arigatou ! Grazie xDD . I am really looking forward to this >__<

Yours B-chan

Merry Christmas <3

Heey Guys ^-^ It’s been a while =p I hope u guys are doing well 😀 well school was slowing us down with a bunch of exams but now they’re all over and we can relax in our vacation ^-^ So what i wanted to tell you is :


I hope you guys will also celebrate well and get many many maaaany presents hehe XDD

Now i’ve got a christmas song for you here ^-^ Its last christmas by SHINee ^-^ Enjoy 😀

Happy 400th post :D

Hello hello guuys 😀 Shortly after our 1st anniversary, we’ve reacher our 400th post !! YAAAY ! FIGHTING ! :33 i’m very happy and also very thankful for our supporters.. Because of you we’ve made it that far :3 and also thanks to kayu-chan because she never thought about quitting (or at least i hope so *EVIL STARE*) XDD


Minnie’s Song, Happy Independence Day Indonesia, and Random Stuff

Hey guys .=D Park jung min has released a new song called “Missing you” and it’s from a Drama’s ost . im too lazy to look up the name, sorry xD

Another Thing,

I heard from my Indonesian Triple S friends, that the Independence Day of Indonesia is today so ..


kekeke xD Happy for you Guys =DDD  Celebrate this day, Its special ^^

Good . then here’s another thing to tell you.Since Kim Kyu Jong is debuting soon, Mrs Kim aka Mangafanatic are preparing a nice thing (it’s really nice, ask her xDD) . I hope we can do it in time so it will be fun =D TS out there, be prepared =DDD

WARNING : SPOILER . If youre currently playing Ar Tonelico, Stop right here

Oh yeeah . i Finished Ar Tonelico and I have to say.. I’m glad about the Ending I got . You know . There are so many Endings and I got  the “Finnel Normal Ending”.. and i’m glad I chose to protect Finnel, she was way stronger than Saki, and she was kinda likeable in the end ^^ . soo .. I’m glad Saki died xDD At first I had the bad ending, that means that both Saki & Finnel disappeared and Aoto went on on his journey with Cocona (Tatsumi . grrr -.-) and Hikari Gojo.. Maaan it sucked xDD Good thing I didn’t save the game after the credits . or i would’ve done the biggest mistake ever .. but I mean . aren’t they cute together ?

I’m really glad I did this and i reeeally liked the game . even if Mr. Tatsumi aka Cocona broke my heart xDD


and here is a song of the day for you ;D