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Hello everyone !! It’s time to show you what i’m currently reading 8DD i got some new mangas and also bought some :DD But warning .. this might contain spoilers.. so be careful XD Let’s start, ok ? Continue reading


Amai Akumo No Memai & Bijin Garasu

hey guys :O I’m gonna post 2 oneshots this time because I am sooo sorry that we had such a big hiatus T__T soo I’ll begin with the first One shot:

Amai Akumo No Memai

Because of her parents’ circumstances, she’s living in a boarding house! And in that house…
There’s ghost of a handsome guy?!!


Well, It has been a long time since i’ve read any manga but this was a quite good beginning . ^_^ when I first looked at the picture i was like : O_O is that Momo ? xD lol . but it wasn’t 😀 😀 . it’s a very cute story with a VERY handsome guy >_< it was also funny and the drawings are pretty awesome ^.^ I’ll look for another manga of this mangaka because I really liked this one ^____^

Bijin Garasu

Maki worked very hard to become very pretty because once, someone dumpedher because she was ugly .. so she wants revenge .. now everyone wants to go out with her because she’s so pretty . except of one . he says that she’s ugly inside . !!


well. doesn’t that kinda remind you of Bijin Kakumei & Romantic Beauty ?  xD . well I think so… I actually hated Romantic beauty it was sooo bad xD the worst one shot I ever read 😛 but I like this one cause it’s very cute and the drawings are also good 😀 😀 I like the guy cause he really tells her the truth : she’s ugly inside ^_^I didn’t like the girl very much . even if she SHOULD  kick this guy’s ass .. but i still don’t like her xD because of this I still like Bijin Kakumei the most outta these 3 stories 😀

Some mangas I bought and totally fell in love with and some which you should read too xD XD

Well, guys it’s me Kayu-chan and today I’m presenting you some some mangas I love and bought (and you should read them too XD)

Well let’s start with…


Well, I’m love this manga I’m really addicted to it… It’s really scaring how fast the story developed… Well, I would recommend this manga to people who like Cosplay, Triangle and long love stories (and guys with glasses xD)


Ok, guys… I bought this manga because it’s by Mayu Shinjo and not avaible on websites  until  chapter three… So I bought it XD It’s somehow really different than the other works by Mayu Shinjo… (normally it’s totally perverted XD) This time it’s just a normal love story and I really like it…


This manga is not a shoujo… It’s a shounen one (well, that is a surprise XD normally I’m buying only shoujos)… This manga really remebered me on Death Note but it’s too short… I liked the art work (and the hot guy on the cover) so I bought it xD BTW it’s an one-shot


Well, after I bought it found out that I can read it on the internet…. Well, I like the art work and the story is also something that attracted me but I can’t find out with whom she is going to end up with… (BTW Vampire Knight one character is remebering me on Aido xD)

Vampire Rose

hey hey guys 😀 after some time finally a manga review XDDDDD this time it’s an one-shot by Arina Tanemura !!!! 


Kaho Mira hates supernatural things but Hikaru-senpai is always trying to convince her to join the Supernatural-Research Club! Then finally she is giving her “OK!” to help the Research Club for one time for a certain thing but  she has no idea that also one time helping can be included with many problems… 


Well, the artwork by Arina Tanemura is of course (as always) awesome!!! That manga isn’t very special because the characters are remembering you sometimes of some other characters of her works… suprisingly is that this manga is a little bit perverted (but just a little little little little bit)… I think it’s a must for Arina Tanemura fans to read it!!! And for the other guys who likes to spend free time with shoujo love story manga should read it!!!!

Our Journey..

Heeei Guyyys 😀 Finally … A review for you 😀 😀 and It’s a one shot by the lovely Sakai Mayuuu !! The one shot’s called Our Journey 😛 Sorry I dunno the original Japanes name 😛 But .. whatever x3 .. Okaay .. This Mayu sensei’s debut Manga so it’s the very first oneshot she ever released .. and I own it x3 *honoured* hmm . weell I think I’ll give you a short summary of the first story (I definitely won’t describe all the stories, I’m too lazy xD )

Okay here we go ;):

Kana is frustrated: At home, her mum and her brother fight all the time, and in school, and she has also problems with her school comrades.. No wonder that kana escapes into her own world, together with pencil and paper. But as her mother throws away her favorite book all of a sudden, she has enough ..  She runs away, and together with one school friend, she runs into a big adventure ..


What do I think ? It was the first work of her I ever read, and yeah I liked it, especially the first story, and I also liked the last story (Primal Orange) a lot ^___^ Very cute, and unique stories, and I think the first story should’ve continued, waaay too short e__e .. well, the drawing style looks very old (I mean it’s her debut manga) but I like it a lot .. I heard people saying “ooh the eyes are way too big” … But that’s very normal for a shoujo manga ? O_O .. But I have to say, of course I like the new drawing style more (Momo, Rockin Heaven).. yeah.. so if you have little time to read some cute short stories, this is perfect for you ^_^


hey hey guys 😀 It’s Shiraishi Yuki Time ^^ I’m presenting you a manga with 5 chapters ^^ ENJOY…


Hatsune is a dumb and useless girl . Suddenly her father brings a boy named Kaede-kun home. Unfortunately he has a very cold and mean personality and even more he’s going to live with her. His target is to make the useless Hatsune a girl with good manners and a smart brain. A clumsy love story begins…

What I think… (spoilers)

Well, the first thing what I thought was “WTH is she wearing???” She was running in the house, only wearing an underwear and having a towel. Whatever, I really enjoyed reading this manga ^^ it was funny and cute… Of  course, there were some moments you wanted to beat the hell out of someone and some moments were you started melting ^^!!! The only thing that annoyed me really was the end -.-… I mean you’re reading five chapters and looking forward to the final moment (I mean their first kiss) and then they are hugging each other and…. THE STORY ENDS … Well, about the art style there is not much to say it’s Shiraishi Yuki and it’s of course pretty awesome!!!