Mirai Nikki – Future Diary

Hey guys πŸ˜€ how are you doing ? I hope fine πŸ˜€ well i have a little bit of time now to present you an anime i have watched and finished lately πŸ˜€ it’s called Mirai Nikki (Future Diary)

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Manga Stuff~

Heeey guys :DD As promised, i still have a post for you here ^___^ Here it is: the manga stuff i’ve read lately :DD I hope you’ll enjoy this ^___^

But warning !! This post might contain spoilers, so only click on Read more, if you don’t care !

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Ongoing & finished Manga stuff

Heya guys :DD As i told you in my asuka post, i am going to talk about the mangas i’m currently reading .. there is even one I finished .. but i warn you .. this will contain big spoilers so read at your own risk !!

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[Update] Asuka Magazine Pictures ~

Hey guys πŸ˜€ as requested I made some pictrues of the Asuka magazine for you guys :DD i scanned some illustrations for u but i only could take photos of the rest *sorry* anyways, i Hope you like those pictures :DD

Asuka Magazine !

Hello guyss !! I’m very happy to do that post because it’s my first time that I’ve purchased a Japanese Manga Magazine called Asuka Magazine :DD Yeah, i have purchased an older issue but I think I still could report you about it, right ? πŸ˜€ I hope you will like the following stuff I show you ^__^

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