It’s been two years since we created this blog and I still can’t believe that two years have already passed!!!

I’m so proud of this blog and how many posts we created… To look at those, it’s just amazing!!!

Even though our quantity of posts have lessened (’cause we are in our senior year and it’s quite busy) but we still haven’t lost our motivation!!!

I would like to thank our followers and fans and most of all my partner  B-chan!!!


love you so much~


Hello There ^_^

I hope you guys are okay? Sorry we’ve not posted a lot lately because of all that stress (you know, graduating and stuff) but i hope i can at least do something for this blog on weekends, and not to forget, our second anniversary is on november 19th so there will be a post for sure..

Well anyways, see ya soon and i wish you a nice day/week :DD

Well, seems like the links of my other post don’t work anymore… I think it’ ll be a lot easier if I just put the pictures in ^^ GUYS REMEMBER IT’S ONLY RAW



Some updates ..

Howdy 8D ! Bikachama speaking here 8D as you can see we have updated some stuff here ^^ Like:

  • Finally, we realized HOW to use our blog with separated accounts and yeah, that’s what we’re doing now ..Kayukayuchan is obviously Kayu-chan and Bchandesu is b-chan .. and well we’ve got another account .. it’s this one called Bikachamanews.. like right now, we’re gonna use this account for some updates, announcements or other stuff ^^
  • And the second update: since our new theme is a bit different, we don’t have a sidebar for our blogroll anymore, so we’ve created a page for the blogroll, you can find it here ..

Well, that’s it already 8D Greets,

Bikachama ♥

[Summary] Kim Kyu Jong “Turn Me on”

Hey guys, i think its a little late (im sorry bout that) but I really wanna make this post ..xD B2ment FINALLY released Kim kyu jong’s comeback teaser. Here you can watch

What do you think ? ^^ I personally think its sooooo freaking awesome ..*feels like crying* I knew Kyu jong wouldnt disappoint Triple S and ThanKYU .*proud* oh ya and in the end of the teaser he is singing smth . and at first i was like “whut ? whut is he singing ? Is that korean or what?” and then i read a youtube comment and finally realised that he was singing “YESTERDAY“. XD soo by the way, kyu jong has also released his album cover + tracklist ^^

(source: allkpop)

01. No More Yes
02. Yesterday (Sadder Today Than Yesterday)
03. My Love (Feat. Heo Young Saeng – *KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH*)
04. Get Ya’ Luv
05. Get Ya’ Luv (Acoustic Version)

PLUS, B2ment also released some of his comeback concept photos ^^















Rawr .. awesome huh ?


*kyaaaah* – *died*

AAND here’s the shocking snow prince photo XD . what do you think ? I think he’s DAMN sexy in white *_* some ppl dont like it but i do . RAWR XD

By the way.. please be prepared for Tuesday ~ b2ment will release Kyujongie’s full mv for “Yesterday” .. so keep supporting him kekeke~


Our … “Little” Project ?

Hello guys.. Its been a long time huh ? XD .. well there’s something REALLY important I should really post .. It has something to do with SS501’s Kim Kyu jongie..

As I posted before, He’s gonna do his Solo Debut in September ? .. and since he’s the last member to the but, my dear fellow Triple S friends Sally & Mrs Kim helped me starting this project on Twitter ..

We’re tryin to make the left days until his Debut very special, we created a special Challenge u know .. It’s an everyday-challenge … Im gonna list the challenges we already had ..

# Challenge 1: Which Hairstyle will kyu jongie have on his debut ?

#Challenge 2: The second Challenge is about to make up a story with the words : Hairstyle,fashion,pig,carrot,banana,Taiwan,SS501 . ;D (of course Kyu Jong related) (still running !!!)

#Challenge 3: Our 3rd challenge about “SS501 babies” we want 2 collect the cutest pics of our oppaSS when they were young kids ..

#Challenge 4: The 4th one was a game with two things to answer, and the winner got a Picture from Mrs Kim

#Challenge 5:  Send us a picture of our boySS, where u think they wear tge weirdest clothes xD (still running !!!)

so please follow us so we can support our lovely center for his Debut !!!


Ongoing Manga (:

Hey hey 😀 It’s time for a Manga review ^_^  I wanted to do that later cuz I wanted to sleep a bit .. but now I can’t sleep anymore soo .. I haven’t done an ongoing manga review for ages so now it’s time 😀

Ok I recently got Code : Breaker Volume 6&7 as my bday present and I immediately read it 😀 😀 I really have to say that I’m SO glad that I chose this manga .. It was the first one I ever bought and I didn’t drop it .. and I surely will never drop it cuz it’s just too awesome >_> There are so many characters I love (especially YUKI xD) They all are kinda weird … but awesome in their own way.. and it’s a manga with a lot of action it it .. but it’s also often hilarious :DD And at the end of EVERY volume .. I’m like “I WANT MORE… NOW” xD And during the volumes you also recognize the change of Ogami .. he’s so freaking cute later .. you will see if you read the 6&7th volume .. Sakura.. she’s one of those girls who is annoying. but I still like her because she changes Ogami for the better 😉 . so really . if you haven’t read Code Breaker yet.. DO IT .. xD I’m soo lookin forward to the next Volumes !!

Oh my goodness Oh my soul o_O I bought a new Manga called Psychic Detective yakumo .. at first I just heard it’s a good story.. But OMGOSH . didn’t know that the guy is SUCH a bishie.. I mean just look at him xD . But that’s of course not the only thing about this Manga xDD It’s about this guy, his name is Yakumo Saito (lol I hope its right XD) and he can see things other ppl can’t see.. and yeah . It starts with a girl asking for his help.. then the story begins.. and omg I love it.. Cuz it’s a Mystery Manga with Shojo elements .. and >_< whoa .. I love the drawing style, I love the story, I love the guy, and even the girl.. so The first volume was perfect . x3 I want moore >.<

So haha . I finally bought it x33 Fiance wa Monster .. or in my country it’s actually published as “My Lover is a monster” .. Okay and It has just two volumes and since I saw the cute pics of this manga  I bought it ..^_^ And it was a good idea. :DD This manga has just the cutest drawin style ever + a bishie (xD) + a nice story.. I think it’s a pity this manga has just two volumes .. But at least I dun have to buy so many volumes.. I already have enough to buy xDD .. but yeah .. It’s a cute shojo manga and the drawing style is similar to Tanemura sensei’s work . so if u like her.. you’ll like this mangaka too.. By the way .. she’s the mangaka of Mermaid melody ^_^